Discussion on Back Pain Syndromes, Causes, Symptoms, Importance of Differential Diagnosis, Advises of Therapy

In orthopedics, neurology, and other departments, back pain is a common issue for patients. In our view, the causes of pain are due to multiple spinal diseases or anatomical conditions, such as lumbar spine hyperlordosis or scoliosis. “There are also other causes of back pain such as spondylolisis, spodylolithesis, prolapsed pulp nucleus, symptoms of oncology, but in the article we focus on the causes of special types of scoliosis and the causes of “back pain syndromes” in the group of patients with “lumbar spine hyperlordosis. The syndromes of back pain are often attributed to the pathological changes in the anatomy of the spine-axis deformity, changes in “intervertebral joints” and soft tissue shortenings (contractures)-ligaments, capsules, fascias, spine muscles. In our study, we found that the etiology of scoliosis is related to biomechanical factors, which are defined in the next chapters: “permanent standing “at ease” on the right leg” and walking/gait.

Author (s) Details

Karski Tomasz
Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland.

Karski Jacek
Pediatric Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Department, Medical University in Lublin, Poland.

Karska Klaudia
Radiology Department, Medical University in Lublin, Poland.

Kulka Malgorzata
Neurology Department, Medical University in Lublin, Poland.

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