A Study on Sample Size Determination in Survey Research

Because of its implications for the cost, time and accuracy of the sample estimate, obtaining a representative sample size remains important for survey researchers. The difficulty of obtaining a good population variance estimate coupled with inadequate skills in sampling theory, however, impedes the ability of researchers to achieve an optimal sample in survey research. The determination of the acceptable sample size, which is representative of the population under study, is one of the main challenges that social science researchers face in survey research. This is to ensure that the generalized results from the study returned to the population have random error limits. In Yamane’s (1967) formula, this paper proposes an improvement to the margin of error to make it applicable for use in evaluating optimal sample size at all levels of confidence for both continuous and categorical variables. For researchers’ usage, a minimum sample size determination table is generated based on the modified formula developed in this paper.

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Anokye M. Adam
Department of Finance, School of Business, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

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