Investigation of Numerical Simulation and New Traveling Wave Solutions of Convection-Diffusion Equation with Reaction

The convection-diffusion equation containing a reaction term will be discussed and evaluated in this article. First, we will apply an implied alternating-direction (ADI) scheme similar to that suggested by Polezhaev. The application of a tridiagonal Thomas solver to obtain the solution of a steady convection-diffusion equation with reaction enables the use of this implicit operator-splitting scheme. We will use the improved (G ‘/ G) -expansion method to construct the traveling wave solutions according to the unstable case, where (G’ / G) meets a second order linear ordinary differential equation. We will explore new applications of this technique to some special nonlinear equation of convection-diffusion with reaction in this paper. The new form of precise moving wave solution obtained in this article may have a major impact on future study.

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Dr. M. A. Ashabrawy
Computer Department, Community College, Salman bin Abdulaziz University, KSA and Reactors Department, Computer Group, Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt.

E. E. El-Behadi
Mathematics Department, College of Science and Humanity Studies, Salman bin Abdulaziz University, KSA.

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