Highlighting “Withered Tree” Concept Host, Achieved by Global Contraception and Abortion, Secondary to Fragmented Germ Cells, Agonizingly Reduced Endogenous Estrogen/Androgen, Defaulted Genomic Repertoire, Deranged Cell Metabolism, Metabolic Syndrome, Result in Failure of Pharmacological Therapeutics with Advanced Technologies

Background: Amid new technology and drug advances, in the age of contraceptives and abortion, morbidity and mortality have inevitably increased. Aims: Altruistic association of increasing morbidity, mortality, with contraception, abortion was planned for. Methods: In 2012, a retrospective study of prevalence of mortality in 350 patients of 20 – 35 years, 35 – 50 years and >50 years from data collected between 2003 and 2012 by convenient, stratified random sampling, from population, hospital, and its correlation with contraceptive and abortion status was undertaken; concurrently, serum estrogen levels obtained from 105 patients were examined. In 2014, 8 people, out of 3 age groups, from a different population whose life partners had been sterilized, were randomly selected to determine their serum testosterone levels. Results: Contraceptive consumers exhibited 3 – 4 fold increased mortality [p < 0.0005] between 20 – 50 years and 6 fold increased mortality among >50 years [p < 0.0005]. In 75% [p < 0.0005] of contraceptive users, endogenous estrogen was decreased. In males observing contraception, plasma testosterone was reduced to less than 50% of average, e.g. 1.3 ng/ml; 66.6% of contraception users aged 20 to 35 years had reduced [p < 0.0005] testosterone; 100% of male contraception users aged 36 to 70 years had reduced testosterone [p < 0.0005]. Conclusion: The idea of “withered tree akin host” is contraception, abortion, with germ cell fragmentation broken down. Reduced endogenous estrogen, androgen [dried up, lost life factors] contribute to deranged cell metabolism, cell cycle, and default genomic repertoire, leading to failure of all existing pharmacological therapies, including advanced technologies that deliver gratifying results before the age of contraception in non-contracepted individuals today and in everyone; subsets of individuals, host with contraception, Behave helplessly with destroyed life factors, about therapeutic applications, compared to subsets of individuals, host without contraceptives, with intact genomic repertoire, God ordained life factors, make a remarkable recovery. Contraception reversal replants the germ cells [the death of germ cells stops], hormones rejuvenate to 79.9% of normal age, and with recovery, diseases decrease.

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Elizabeth Jeya Vardhini Samuel
Department of General Medicine, Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research, Coimbatore-32, Tamil Nadu, India.

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