Study on Expert Strategic Management Systems in Precision Farming

When evaluating the modern Internet of Things market, one should consider equipment, solutions, applications linked through a single network through the entire product chain, including the end user. In this job, such linking is carried out on the basis of cloud information technologies. Via these innovations, the intellectualization of agricultural technology management is applied by developing expert management decision support systems (DSS) (DSS). The goal of the work is to consider the methodology for constructing the DSS of strategic management in precision farming systems, where this form of management has not been applied to date. We refer to this method of management the task of forming strategies for the implementation of mineral fertilizers and ameliorants of sustained action for all years of crop rotations of various types. To solve the problem, an algorithm for the formation of optimal strategies for the implementation of mineral fertilizers and ameliorants is substantiated, which is implemented in the analytical automated control system for agricultural technologies (ACSAT), through which a knowledge base (KB) is created, transmitted from the cloud system to local DSS. The pattern recognition approach is used to choose the best choice from the knowledge base. The technique is evaluated on arbitrary initial conditions of local systems, including extreme combinations of initial conditions. Based on the study of optimality losses associated with the mismatch of the initial conditions on local DSS and knowledge base, a technique for managing the creation of knowledge base, aimed at reducing these losses, has been substantiated.

Author (s) Details

Ilya M. Mikhaylenko
Pulokovskoye Chose, House 22, Apt., 196158, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

Valery N. Timoshin
Krzhizhanovskogo Street, House 3, Building 5, Apt., 21193231, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

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