Recent Study on Dynamic Multi Constraint Routing Based Efficient Data Transmission in Manet for Improved Sink Point Streaming

In today’s internet world, the Mobile Adhoc network (Manet) has been recognized as a keen networking scenario. Access to most networking solutions has been made possible through mobile devices. The physical characteristics of mobile nodes continue to alter the network topology every second. The achievement of greater streaming performance, however, is most significant in terms of service quality. There are various methods to route data packets between the nodes of the source and sink/destination, but they suffer from poor performance. A dynamic multi constraint routing algorithm has been proposed in this paper to address the shortcoming. In route selection, the method considers various parameters such as capacity, lifetime, traffic, speed of mobility, direction and hop count. The multi constraint algorithm estimates the streaming support score (SSS) for any route for routing packets according to the above parameters. The algorithm has enhanced routing efficiency and increased Manet’s streaming rate. The method calculates the streaming support score value for each route based on the measures estimated. A single route for forwarding the data packet has been selected based on the value of SSs. Higher throughput performance has been provided by the proposed DMR algorithm and reduces latency.

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Dr. M. Prakash
Department of Computer Science, Vinayaka Mission’s Kirupananda Variyar Arts and Science College, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation Deemed to be University, Salem, India.

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