IR Spectroscopy and Non-invasive Blood Spectroscopy are the Leading Methods for Determining the Superiority of Physiotherapy in Conservative Medicine

The research is dedicated to disclosing the evidentiary criterion of superiority of physiotherapy over drug therapy using criteria and treatment approaches in accordance with the therapeutic stage of the progress of the disorder, the effects of labour skill and quality of life improvement.

‘Underwater horizontal spinal traction with underwater phototherapy for the solution of the current medical and social problem: treatment of patients with degenerative dystrophic lesions of the lumbosacral spine with hernial protrusions of the intervertebral disc’ was verified with high statistical precision on the basis of the newly established rehabilitating technology: Based on the achievements made in physics (the discoveries of “evanescent waves,” “scanning tunnelling microscope,” “stationary and non-stationary Josephson effects,” the creation of highly sensitive equipment[4,5,6]) and the discovery by the author of this highly insightful, non-invasive, harmless method of studying the mechanism of action of physical factors on the entire organism from any part of the body. It has been established that modern physiotherapy instrumentation doses and regulates the effect of electromagnetic waves of any physical factor on the entire organism.

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Bitsoev Vladimir Dodtievich
Department of Medical Science, h.42A, Kirova Str., Apt. 60 the Town of Podolsk of the Moscow Region, Moscow, Russia.

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