New Ways to Study the Effects of Physical Factors on the Organism Provide the Highest Efficiency of Treatment

This research focuses on a new approach to the application of physical variables in complex patient therapy. The author believes that it is important to rethink technical characteristics and exposure of the physiotherapeutic factor affecting the organism based on experimental research results, taking into account the nosological form of the disease and the particulars of the individual patient. In this regard, the author introduced new clinical physiotherapy tasks and proposed seven concepts for new physical factor classification in complex patient therapy. The author proposed new ideas in medicine on the basis of research: 1) the human body as a “biological scanning tunnelling microscope”; 2) the human being as part of “nature” refers to the general law of the universe: “singularity and indivisibility of time, matter and shape” as well as the powers of their interaction in continuous constant motion without end. Eventually, the efficacy and protection of physiotherapy relies on the ability of the practitioner to accurately assess all these variables. Both clinical medicine and experimental physiotherapy need to be focused on deep understanding.

Author (s) Details

Vladmimir Dodtievich Bitsoev
Department of Medical Science, h.42A, Kirova Str., Apt. 60 the Town of Podolsk of the Moscow Region, Moscow, Russia.

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