The Combination of Underwater Light Therapy with Underwater Spinal Traction Guarantees a 50% Regression of Intervertebral Hernia

In this work, we research the effect of the structure of water on water absorption spectra that are subject to electromagnetic radiation of the following types: 1. polychromatic visible and infrared polarised (PVIP) light emitted by a ‘Bioptron’ system with a wavelength between 480 and 3400 nm and a frequency between 625 and 88 THz under water through a fiber-optic cable and an exposure time of 2, 4, 6, 10, 15 and 30 minutes; 2. electromagnetic waves belonging to the 5.6 mm range with a frequency of 50-52 GHz and an exposure of 2, 4, 6, 10, 15 and 30 minutes by means of a water-immersed radiation source greater than 5 cm; 3. a single effect of PVIP light and CO2 at a temperature of 0 °C and an exposure of 4 minutes; 4. a single effect of 5.6 mm electromagnetic waves and CO2 at a temperature of 0 °C and an exposure of 4 minutes; 5. The influence of PVIP light on water above the water surface at a height of 10 cm. The studies conducted have shown that the strongest improvements occur in water irradiated with PVIP light over 4 and 15 minutes relative to the absorption spectra of the tap water control sample. Where water was irradiated with PVIP light from a height of 10 cm above the water surface for 15 minutes, major changes in the water structure occurred. Experiments conducted show that water exposed to polychromatic VIP light (Bioptron) is triggered, manifesting in changes in physical and chemical properties, namely changes in the optical absorption spectrum, the dispersion of Raman and the pH of water. The studies also showed that the water structure improved dramatically after the end of the 4- and 15-minute exposure of water to electromagnetic waves (26 and 15 minutes later, respectively) because of its unique capacity to store and transmit information.

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Bitsoev Vladimir Dodtievich
Department of Medical Science, h.42A, Kirova Str., Apt. 60 the Town of Podolsk of the Moscow Region, Moscow, Russia.

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