The King is Naked: Prevailing State of Art in the Present-Day Earth Sciences

The popular Danish author for children, Hans Christian Andersen, told the storey of two weavers who persuaded the king and his noblemen that their new dress would not be visible to the scoundrels[1]. So, everyone who saw the naked king decided that the new outfit he was wearing was fantastic. In the field of present-day earth science, almost an identical condition prevails. For instance, despite the strong and rigid state of the mantle, where convective movement is not possible, Earth scientists assume that continental blocks or plates are shifting due to mantle convection and that a geo-dynamo operating in the deep interior of the Earth often generates the planet’s magnetic phenomena. The author here points out certain blatantly false concepts which, in the field of geological sciences, are causing utter confusion, especially concerning global tectonics. “Reject plate tectonics and save Earth sciences” is the subject of the paper.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Subhasis Sen
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, O-26, Patuli, Kolkata, 700094, India. (Retired)

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