Study on Preventing Data Collision by Enhanced Safety or Alert Message Broadcasting Strategy in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET)

A mobile ad hoc network (VANET) is a mobile ad hoc network in which network nodes are mobile road vehicles. In order to prevent accidents, the key problem facing VANET is the transmission of the safety message or Warning message between the cars. The large number of vehicles in a specific region can cause data congestion, resulting in a long delay in transmitting the messages. An effective way to relay messages with less delay and a high distribution ratio is to cluster the vehicles into groups. The selection of cluster heads significantly affects the efficiency of the clusters (CHs). In this paper, in order to optimize the efficiency of the network energy and connection quality, the creation of clusters and cluster head selection is formulated as an optimization problem. Two methods have been used to solve the problem: density-based clustering and the selection of cluster heads using the Differential Evolution (DE) Algorithm. The protection or warning signals can be conveniently transmitted to all vehicles by integrating these approaches by dynamically changing transmitting power and containment window size. Compared to and tested against the current AdvB and CBAPA protocols is the performance of the proposed ESMBS protocol. Various performance metrics, such as collision, packet delivery ratio, packet delay ratio, latency, transmission time and throughput, can be regulated by the proposed scheme. By reducing the risk of crashes, the proposed device transmits alarm or safety messages.

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R. Thenmozhi
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur 603 203, Chengalpet, India.

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