The Responsibility of Community Partnership in Financial Supporting for Scientific Research

The growth of economies is based on the amount of money spent on scientific research; to understand this, look at the percentage of money spent on scientific research in many developed countries. So, scientific research expenses account for 3.013 percent of overall expenditures in Iraq, 2.63 percent in the United States, 1.97 percent in China, and 0.96 percent in South Africa, although there is no clear budget for scientific research in Iraq. Scientific research is an attempt to solve a problem, whether it is an intellectual, scientific, or philosophical problem, by submitting alternative scenarios or hypotheses that eventually result in added value. This added value would support many facets of society, including agriculture, manufacturing, serving goods, and serving the wellbeing of every society, as seen in the early months of 2020. This study focuses on the importance of community collaborations in promoting research and development in research institutes for the purpose of serving their communities by developing small and medium-sized economic organisations, which play a significant role in the national economy. It also focuses on community partnership examples and the major problems they face as a result of science study. Such procedures have been proposed in order to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to partner with research institutes in the development and research sectors. Furthermore, there are various roles that can be played by media outlets to support this process or by electing certain unconventional channels to fund this community by adapting such community collaboration strategies with the private sector; additionally, every society can now take a position of duty through such duties to serve humanity around the world.

Author (s) Details

Nagam Hussein Nama’a
Faculty of Business Economic, Al Nahreen University, Iraq.

Rasha Harith Abbood
Faculty of Business Economic, Al Nahreen University, Iraq.

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