Emphasizing on Reissner’s Fiber: A Forgotten Pathway for Exploring Consciousness

The virtually universal neglect of what is arguably the most strategically placed structure in the central nervous system (CNS), an elusive, thread-like accumulation of glycoproteins originating from the centre of the brain called Reissner’s fibre, is one of the most amazing ongoing stories in the history of neuroscience (RF). It is an anomaly that has been made practically invisible to neuroscientists because it is beyond the scope of traditional theoretical and technical resources. New instruments, on the other hand, are on the verge of unveiling the secrets of this special, highly conserved structure that runs the length of the CNS’s fluid-filled cavities and passageways. This paper proposes that Reissner’s fibre (RF), an elusive thread-like accumulation of glycoproteins originating from the brain’s middle, can provide a new conceptual and physical route toward a deeper understanding of consciousness, when studied with quantum theoretical methods and viewed through the lens of its potential recent evolutionary degeneration.

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Lawrence Wile
Chaikin-Wile Foundation, 8 Winged Foot Blvd., Bloomfield CT, 06002, USA.

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