Study and Analysis of the Drive System for a Type of Milling Machines Aiming at Performance Improvement

This paper discusses the challenges of modernising a specific form of milling machine. Two more regulated axes are used, namely table rotation (axis a) and table tilting (axis b) (axis c). Multi-coordinate drive systems are associated with the devices under consideration. The system’s primary specifications are outlined. A number of computer simulation models for different electric drives have been developed with the aim of studying their dynamic and static regimes for the control algorithms. The results of the experiments show that the electric drives in use work well. Extensive testing has shown that the multi-coordinate driving system used is very effective. The findings of this research can be applied to the design and implementation of multi-coordinate drive systems.

Author (s) Details

Prof. Dr. Eng. Mikho Mikhov
Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Eng. Marin Zhilevski
Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

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