Emphasizing the Thinking and Scientific Language in the Primary Classes

When asked to prove or revisit mathematical statements, pupils’ biases in elementary school toward inductive versus deductive and general forms of reasoning shift over time, according to psychological and cognitive development theories. One of the curricular goals of elementary school is to help students develop critical thinking skills. This hypothesis is investigated in this study through a survey of 267 Arabic-speaking students in grades 4 to 6 from three separate Israeli elementary schools. The survey includes Algebra and Geometry reasoning tasks, which are focused on Healy and Hoyles’ [1] math reasoning tasks. In addition, 12 of these students’ instructors were consulted to learn more about their perspectives on mathematical reasoning and proof tasks. The findings indicate that: 1) students’ expectations for different forms of reasoning vary between grades 4 and 6; 2) sixth graders are less likely to support tautologic and logical reasoning. inductive reasoning than fourth graders; 3) Elementary school students prefer logical arguments (such as inductive and example-based) to the arguments that they assume will get them the best grades from their teachers. However, the results do not support the hypothesis that teachers’ preferences for different modes of thought will vary. The results of the study are discussed, as well as their practical consequences. The current study’s results show that the mechanism is not as linear and unidirectional as Piaget’s theory suggests. As a result, the descriptive structure proposed in this study could help to mitigate some of the problems. the inconsistency that some teachers may encounter in the classroom

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Saleh Y. Abo-Romi
Ministry of Education, Israel.

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