Joule-Lenz Energy of Quantum Electron Transitions Compared with the Electromagnetic Emission of Energy: A Scientific Explanation

The electromagnetic energy of emission from a single level was compared to the Joule-Lenz dissipation energy defined for electron transitions between two neighbouring quantum levels in the hydrogen atom in the first stage. The one-electron motion conducted along an orbit in the atom is referred to by both the electric and magnetic vectors entering the Pointing vector of the electromagnetic field. The harmonic oscillator is then subjected to a similar comparison of emission rates. For the energy emission rates, formal agreement between the Joule-Lenz and electromagnetic expressions has been achieved. With the electron oscillator as a model, we were able to compare the quantum approach to emission rate with the classical electromagnetic theory in a more direct way.

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Stanislaw Olszewski
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences Kasprzaka, Warsaw, Poland.

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