Emphasizing the Navigation in Space-Time as the Basis for Information Modeling

The author’s definition of world knowledge modelling is presented in this article, which is focused on the central function of solar navigation (orientation in space-time by the sun). The idea arose from extensive research into the key trends of knowledge resource usage (semiotics) by humans when exploring the natural world of geographical space. The monuments of ancient material culture in European Russia and Southern Siberia served as the study’s subjects. Survey, definition, observation, work with maps and Earth remote sensing, as well as statistical, conceptual modelling, and mapping methods, are all used in applied field research. Theoretical research is founded on V.I. Paranin’s methodological claims of historical geography, as well as his theory of reflection and systematic and chorological approach.

Author (s) Details

Associate Professor Alina Paranina
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St-Petersburg, Russia.

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