Recent Advancement on Radical Urban Development in the Egyptian Desert

Gardens’ City is a new city in a newly discovered region in Egypt’s western desert that has a lot of potential for growth. It is located in the modern Farafra Oasis. The site has agricultural and industrial economic bases, so it has a variety of potential aspects for long-term growth. The city centre is supposed to take up about 5% of the total area of the city. The industrial zone covers about 22% of the total area of the city. This paper is about the city’s growth, with an emphasis on the central and industrial zones. The main managerial and commercial facilities are located in the city centre. Industrial zones, as well as major industrial education, training, and managerial facilities, are also part of the industrial region. Various techniques would be used to produce renewable energy. This city will be the starting point for a number of development opportunities in Egypt. Gardens’ City will have a variety of sustainable choices, with a projected yearly net profit of 63-90 million Egyptian pounds (LE) for it and 394-535 million LE for the entire new Farafra Oasis centred solely on olive, palm, and wheat. This city will be the first step toward Egypt’s tremendous growth potential. Egypt has already begun to expand in newly discovered regions, and there are already signs of progress.

Author(s) Details

Prof. Somaya Abouelfadl
Architectural Department, College of Engineering, Assiut University, Asyut, Egypt.

Dr. Khaled A. Ouda,
Department of Geology, College of Science, Assiut University, Asyut, Egypt.

Assmaa A. Atia
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

Nada Al Amir
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

Manal Ali
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

Sara Mahmoud
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

Hamsa Said
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

A. Ahmed
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

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