Compilation of Equations for Calculation of Liquid–vapor Equilibrium in Binary Mixtures Containing Methane

Experimental data on liquid-vapor equilibrium in binary mixtures of methane, argon, carbon dioxide, and helium were compiled into equations. The equations show how temperature and composition affect the pressure of a liquid or vapour. The most important coefficients of the equations were chosen by the programme when compiling them. The deviations between experimental and measured pressure values vary from 1.8 to 5.0 percent. At known values of other phase equilibrium parameters, the equations can be used to calculate the phase composition or temperature. These equations will be useful for computer-assisted optimization of calculations for separating binary mixtures and developing automated air separation facility control systems.

Author (s) Details

A. Vasserman
Odessa National Maritime University, Odessa, Ukraine

V. Halkin
Odessa National Maritime University, Odessa, Ukraine.

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