Study on Social Security and Social Transplantation

The primary goal of this research is to discuss a global social health and economic crisis caused by medical science’s rapid advancement. The success of medical treatment for diseases, combined with improvements in population life expectancy, has resulted in an increasing number of patients suffering from so-called “end stage organ failure,” a terminal phase of organic systems that are needed for survival. Parallel to scientific research and medical engineering, substantial progress has been made in the replacement of vital organs, especially in the case of extracorporeal dialysis, and in the vertiginous advancement of organ transplantation. Preventing end-stage organ failure and updating social and university education regarding transplantation and organ donation are the key alternatives to solving this dynamic socioeconomic problem that is unbalancing the Social Security institution’s response to the needs of the people.

Author (s) Details

Professor FĂ©lix Cantarovich
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Catholic University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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