How to Create Human Super Сivilization

Theoretical and experimental proof of the physical reality of imaginary numbers was introduced using Steinmetz’s interpretation of Ohm’s law for electrical AC circuits proposed in 1897. There are also other pieces of evidence cited. The application of the general scientific principle of the physical reality of imaginary numbers allowed researchers to demonstrate that the relativistic formulas in the current version of special relativity theory are incorrect, as well as to refute the principle of non-exceeding the speed of light and the Monoverse hypothesis. On the basis of corrected relativistic formulas, a theory of hidden Multiverse is proposed, with parallel universes that are mutually unseen. It explains why they’re invisible and how we can see them. The secret Multiverse has a quaternion structure, exists in six-dimensional space, and forms Hyperverse with other Multiverses, according to data obtained by the spacecraft WMAP and Planck. The secret Multiverse’s parallel universes are shown to be constantly drifting in multidimensional space, touching each other in a variety of locations, and even partly immersed in each other, forming portals. It has been argued that looking for extraterrestrial civilizations in our solar system or even in faraway space is pointless because you can walk to the unseen parallel universes adjacent to our visible universe through portals, the entrances to which are anomalous zones on Earth. Furthermore, extraterrestrial super civilizations have discovered us and are based on Earth. Attempts to communicate with these super civilizations are also futile because such communication is only possible at their request. As a result, in order to establish contact, we must persuade super civilizations that human civilization is of interest to them and that it possesses adequate intelligence. It is demonstrated how human superintelligence can be realised.

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Prof. Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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