Finite-element Modeling for Analysis of Isotropic and Orthotropic Beams Using First Order Shear Deformation Theory

A finite element model is built in this paper to analyse the response of isotropic and orthotropic beams, which are common structural elements in aeronautics and astronautics. A first order shear deformation theory, the Timoshenko beam theory, is used to represent the supposed field displacement equations of the beams. Hamilton’s theorem is used to derive the beams’ motion equations. To boost the performance, the shear correction factor is applied. The natural frequencies and static deformations for both types of beams with different boundary conditions are computed using a MATLAB code. The effects of the thickness-to-length ratio on both the Eigen values and the deflections of the beams due to the applied mechanical load are investigated using numerical calculations. When the proposed model’s findings are compared to the available results from other researchers, there is usually strong agreement.

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Prof. Dr. M. Adnan Elshafei
Aeronautical Department, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.

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