Emphasizing Growth and Thermal Studies of Doped and Pure Crystals of L-Argininium Dinitrate

Slow solvent evaporation was used to develop single crystals of pure and Cu2+ doped semiorganic L-argininium dinitrate (LADN) with the aim of improving the sample’s physicochemical properties. Both pure and doped samples were subjected to single crystal XRD analysis. Thermal experiments (DTA, TGA, and DSC) were performed, and the findings were compared. Doping has increased the NLO performance of pure LADN crystals, according to NLO studies. The presence of a metal dopant (Cu2+) raises the decomposition temperature of LADN, according to thermal studies.

Author (s) Details

Preema C. Thomas
Department of Physics, CMS College, Kottayam – 1, Kerala, India.

P. Sagayaraj
Department of Physics, Loyola College, Chennai – 600034, India.

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