Gravitational Telescope

The Global Seismic Antenna (GSA) detects deformations of the Earth of a specific sort, such as those induced by gravitational waves. GSA components are arbitrary “quiet” seismic stations with a GSA aperture of at least 10.000 km. Pulsars are a natural source of gravitational waves that occur on a daily basis (GW-waves). The Earth’s deformations were observed by GSA, with an amplitude of 2.510-15m. These deformations (strain) of the order h10-21 were discovered. The identification false alarm rate is virtually zero, equating to a significance of 12.8 sigma. The most suitable source of observed Earth deformations is Pulsar J0945-4833.

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Alexander V. Lukanenkov
Lomonosov Moscow State University Central Physics and Technology Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation(CIPT) Scientific Research Institute of Pulse Technology(RIPT), Moscow, Russia.

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