Critical Study and Performance Improvement of the Drive Systems for a Class of Machine Tools

This paper examines several issues related to the modernization of multi-coordinate drive systems in machine tools. Workpieces in different geometrical shapes are processed using machine tools. The basic specifications for each coordinate axis’ and spindle’s drives are provided. A practical approach to acceptable drive selection is implemented based on the findings of the study. Some examples of the technique are given for selecting drives for direct current and alternating current motors. The results of some experiments with various feed and spindle drives are described and discussed. At a relatively low cost, improved capabilities of modernised machines for handling more complex workpieces are achieved. This study and its findings can be applied to the design and tuning of electric drives for the machines under consideration that use numerical programme control.

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Mikho Mikhov
Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Marin Zhilevski
Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

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