Office Information Systems: A Retrospective and a Vision

Office Information Systems (OIS) is a branch of computer science that studies offices and develops software to assist office personnel. By 2004, the industry, which began in 1982, had all but died out. Many of the topics and issues that sparked the discipline are still relevant today. Office staff continue to struggle with repetitive activities that aren’t well-supported by technology, and the issue is exacerbated for mobile workers. We present a retrospective on OIS innovations in this paper in the hopes of generating interest in this critical field and meeting the needs of office workers all over the world. The evolution of office technology is discussed, as well as a thorough discussion of previous studies. The topic demonstrates that technology assistance for office staff is still lacking. The paper proposes a technological vision and architecture to inspire researchers and addresses potential research challenges.

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Chandra S. Amaravadi
School of Computer Sciences, Western Illinois University, USA.

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