Research on Durability of Paint and Varnish Coatings Depending on the Quality of Their Appearance

The aim of this research is to look into the patterns of how the consistency of a coating’s appearance affects its durability during service. Paint and varnish coatings on building materials and construction are the subject of research. The effect of the consistency of a coating’s appearance on the coating’s durability is discussed. It has been demonstrated that coatings with a high roughness index have poor exploitation longevity. The effect of the paint’s rheological properties and the substrate’s porosity on the surface roughness of the coatings is exposed. With the roughness of surfaces, the strength and relative deformations are reduced, the plastic deformation is increased, and the elastic deformation is reduced, regardless of the type of paint composition. The dependence of the tensile strength on the roughness of the film surface is mathematically modelled. The roughness of the surface is decreased during the moistening of the coatings in the first stage (up to 30 days), i.e., the surface micro relief is levelled due to the plasticizing effect of moisture (swelling of the coatings). Surface roughness will increase in the future as a result of moisture’s disruptive effect, as micro cracks, rashes, and bubbles emerge. It has been identified that during the cyclic freezing-thawing process, cracks occur locally and form near defects on the coating’s surface. The research allows for the creation of recommendations for improving coating resistance and selecting the best rheological properties of paints based on the porosity of the substrate.

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Valentina Loganina
Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Russia.

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