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The title of this book alludes to sociology’s interconnections with other current institutions. As time progresses, new technologies occur, new difficulties and pains arise, new solutions are required, and new research must be implemented and made available. All of these improvements must be investigated, and the method for doing so is known as “sociology.” Health and safety projects must be strictly adhered to. In today’s changing world, sociological investigations in the form of planned projects are needed on a regular basis. In light of sociological studies in those societies, industrial societies could become better societies with a higher quality of life. Different age groups were given longer lives as a result of insurance in various areas. People of various ages need different levels of supervision, therapies, and other services. In today’s world, people of all ages expect to live better lives with higher expectations. Sociological evaluations are needed in response to such expectations. People today, in every corner of the globe, are dealing with problems that have never existed before. Memory problems are a recent phenomenon that has emerged as a result of global ageing. Sociological research on the rural-urban balance must be held in mind by planners; otherwise, more conflicts will emerge. Similarly, one of the current world’s necessities is the youth, who need their own schooling, jobs, and career, among other things. Such a subject necessitates in-depth research in order to make their lives easier. Aging, as a modern phenomenon for human society in the global sense, has brought with it a slew of new social issues. Children, as a defining segment of the population, must be studied on a regular basis; their present status, needs, and potential must be sociologically studied and evaluated. Children are the most affected by social change because they need more attention than others. If the world’s population continues to grow, the climate is being impacted in a variety of ways. As a result, it is essential to study the world from a sociological perspective in order to preserve it. Grandparents are one of the new segments of the population that are emerging more than ever before in every country; people with their own values and lifestyles who need security, affection, and financial support as they age. Sociology must pay particular attention to them.

In several developed countries, social work, as one of the most important branches of the social sciences, is undervalued. Sociology needs to pay attention to this and emphasise its significance, especially in relation to the developing world. Social work will recognise and address various social, economic, and health challenges that families and individuals face, as well as the ties that connect them. Abortions, divorces, widowhood, and other family issues plague many women. Their issues will remain stalemated and unresolved unless sociology intervenes. As societies evolve, new laws are needed to address the problems that have arisen. Abuse of the elderly is a widespread problem that manifests itself in a variety of ways. Deep research in gerontology is one way to reduce it. Divorce is a social phenomenon that affects people all over the world. As a result, a thorough examination of causal effects is worthwhile. Similarly, substance abuse is a common misbehaviour among women, contributing to prostitution in a significant number of cases and necessitating special treatment. It’s worth calculating the three needs of water, electricity, and economic growth as a triangle. The creation of social capital is the foundation of every progress that should be investigated. Similarly, since agricultural development and environmental control are so closely linked, they must be closely monitored and studied. Infertility is a phenomenon that affects a significant number of people. It must be compared to an adoption case in every culture. Within countries, social policies must be seen in light of their ability. That is what the social planners consider. All countries in the world must constantly project their societies’/countries’ status. Countries must project their evolving position in areas such as health, ageing, sanitation, medical procedures, and many others. The current book provides researchers with the tools they need to begin sociological studies of medical services. With life expectancy nearly doubling since 1950, particularly in the developing world, such additional people need a wide range of medical services. Frame analysis is a technique used in social science to examine how people perceive circumstances and events. In sociology, “frame your project” refers to the context in which researchers and project managers can work.

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Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Alzahra University, Iran.

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