An Overview on Resources for Development of Hindi Speech Synthesis System

The majority of knowledge in the digital world is only available to anyone who can read and understand a specific language. All spoken technology systems include the acquisition of speech corpora. The performance of the method is directly influenced by the quality and amount of speech data in the corpus. However, there are numerous opportunities to improve speech technology systems using Hindi, which is widely spoken in India. The selection of standard databases is needed to achieve such a lofty target. The corpus and lexical tools for Hindi being created by various organisations across the country are summarised in this paper. A survey of database creation efforts for the Hindi language has been conducted in this paper. It addresses some of the Hindi language’s most important linguistic tools, which are accessible via a variety of resources designed for use in text-to-speech synthesis and speech recognition technology.

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Archana Balyan
Department of Electronics and Communication, Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi, India.

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