A Review on Energy Conservation with Utilization of Marble Waste in Geotechnical Engineering

In a globalising world, industrialization has grown in lockstep with the need for economic growth in countries. With the rise of industrialization, new wastes have arisen. As a result of the high cost of these waste management strategies, industrial waste assessment has become essential in industrial businesses. In addition, as the world’s population grows, natural resources become scarcer. With the rise in population, usage, and rapid depletion of natural resources, repurposing waste and incorporating it into the economy has become even more important. In this chapter, marble wastes that can be recycled in geotechnical engineering are examined, as well as the energy gains that can be obtained through recycling.

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Nazile Ural
Department of Civil Eng., Bilecik Seyh Edebali University, 11210, Bilecik, Turkey.

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