Studies on the Relationship between Knowledge Organizational Dimensions and Informational Technology Tools in Knowledge Operation Management (Suggested Model)

Highlight the significance of the current study in developing a methodology for consideration, given its anticipated contribution to clarifying the theoretical profile “for activity management,” as well as its contribution to the transition of supporting regulatory monuments and technical knowledge resources to the experimental sector. Here’s a small contribution to an area where further research is desperately needed. As a result, the research objectives can be described as an attempt to investigate scientific assets for theoretical issues regarding subject information, resources, and strategies. (The aim of this initiative was to develop a new definition of what knowledge management entails, as well as its operational tools and dimensions of organisational knowledge.) The study is looking into the connection between technical information resources and organisational dimensions, as well as knowledge operations management standards. This aids in the resolution of basic information and management problems. The study proposes dimensions based on theoretical structures, viewpoints, and reflection contents writers to discuss operational knowledge management axes and organisations to be clearer in order to absorb these dimensions influencing the possibility of improving organisational strategies design.

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Ali Hadi Jebrin
Faculty of Business, Department of Business Administration, Middle East University, P.O.Box 383, Amman 11831, Jordan.

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