Research on Surgery and Chronic Stress Ultimately Leading to Major Health Risks

This article discusses how surgery, regardless of age or organ, can become a major health issue. In general, about 50-60% of surgical patients experience mild/moderate/severe psychobiological illness in the future for a long time due to a concern that he/she (1:3) has lost a part of his body within an unhealed or prolonged healing phase. As a result, certain neuropsychiatric symptoms like anxiety, pain, emotion, and depression progressively become a part of their everyday lives, ultimately leading to chronic stress (about 10%) and significant health risks in the 4-6 years following surgery. Chronic stress is mostly caused by a poor socioeconomic situation and the effects of surgery.

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Tarit Kanti Ghosh
Internal Medicine & Neurology, Clinical Neurology, University College of London UK and Research Clinical Neuroscience, The University of Melbourne, Australia

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