Exploring New Socioeconomic Thoughts for a Small and Narrow World: Unity and Decentralization

With the proliferation of human activities, the planet has become smaller and narrower. Exploring and researching new socioeconomic ideas for this small and narrow world is now a pressing concern for social scientists. This essay presents a normative and descriptive theory for the world’s present and future. The normative theory aids us in determining where we can guide the world: it offers assessments of potential events and social institution designs when seeing the world and human society as a whole. The latter is about world management in practise: with such a wide range of cultures, centralised management is virtually impossible. As a result, global decentralisation is needed. In terms of the World Federal Government’s constitution, we accept a decentralised approach to world management (WFG).

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Mamoru Kaneko
University of Tsukuba and Waseda University, Japan.

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