Recent Development and Studies: The Consciousness’ Forming by Fractal Education and the Problem of Divinity

The paper examines how a person or collective consciousness can achieve a ‘grace level’ (haric level) that is close to the highest possible, as measured by the Divinity. The analysis’ first conclusion is that fractal, networked education, which is obtained from simple to complex and from an individual to a larger group of (of group) consciences, through which the learning of an individual superior consciousness, in particular – teacher, professor, is transmitted to those spiritually guided by transmitting not only his teaching but also his attitude toward the and the formation of individual and fractal consciences of haric level – understood as the highest value level of the psycho-social Good – necessitates a strategy of using the obtained orthodox-scientific teaching, based on the completion of the fundamental principles of orthodoxy: purification, enlightenment, union with the Divinity, fight against evil, with the sc Another inference is that the presence of a divine haric meta-consciousness is possible. The capacity of a single psycho-bio-social entity, understood in the sense of a haric spiritual leader of many haric super-consciences, which are spiritual leaders of a significant number of superior consciences relative to the average level, exceeds that of a single psycho-bio-social entity, resulting in a God with super-normal powers, capable of restoring the Good of the orthodox-scientific kind in the world, will exist more as a judiciator. which includes the orthodox reciprocity principle. It follows that the possibility of Godness’ spiritual leadership of mankind requires energo-informational intervention through advanced technological means such as telepathic amplifiers, which could also explain the transmission of the Holy Spirit and some recorded paranormal phenomena such as “intelligent ghost” cases. As a result, scientific orthodoxy can disqualify God, and the principles of Providence must be changed to include orthodox-scientific collaboration with the Creation, orthodox-scientific leadership of the Creation, and orthodox-scientific protection of the Creation.

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Arghirescu Marius
State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, Bucharest, Romania

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