A Modeling Approach of Transversal Otolithic Membrane Deflections Evoked by the Linear Accelerations

The model of transversal utricle membrane deflections induced by linear accelerations is considered. The basic idea behind this consideration is that linear accelerations acting along the membrane in a buckling manner can cause both longitudinal and transversal deformations. By considering the middle section of the 3D utricle membrane and evaluating its elastic properties in 2D space, the actual 3D utricle membrane structure was simplified. Using the 2D elasticity principle, the steady state transversal deflections along the membrane are analytically evaluated and numerically simulated. As opposed to traditional longitudinal deformations, transversal deflections are found to be more expressive and heavier. Different regions of the utricle membrane have maximum longitudinal deformations and transversal deflections. The discovered properties could be used to explain the otolith organ’s transduction processes. New otolithic membrane mechanical properties are discussed, and new explanations for the available experimental data are provided, based on the implemented modelling approach. The otolithic membranes of the utricle and sacculus are nearly orthogonal in space, which aids in the decomposition of arbitrary linear accelerations into representations of body reference structures.

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Valeri Goussev
Research Center, Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital, Laval, Canada.

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