Gabapentinoids for Chronic Pain: A Comprehensive Review of Current Literature on Efficacy, Safety and Withdrawal

Gabapentinoids, such as pregabalin (LyricaTM) and gabapentin (NeurontinTM), are anticonvulsants that have been licenced to treat chronic pain disorders such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, and fibromyalgia. They are also often prescribed off-label for chronic low back pain. Prescriptions for gabapentinoids have risen dramatically in the last five years, but the evidence for their effectiveness is mixed, and both of these chronic pain conditions will be examined separately. The rate of adverse events and the safety profile will be investigated. To determine if gabapentinoids have the potential to cause harm in addition to offering adequate pain relief, researchers looked at case reports of severe adverse effects. Additional case reports describing severe withdrawal syndromes are available. It will add to the body of evidence and identify areas where research is incomplete in order to balance the benefits against the risks. The analysis of evidence of efficacy, adverse events, and removal would result in practical recommendations for assessing gabapentinoid care for chronic pain.

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Amy Kathryn Granger
University of Tasmania, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW Health, Australia.

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