Study on Unexpected Bioenergetic Function of Neuromelanin. Implications in the Biology of Learning and Memory

Progressional most recent The most common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss. Due to the highly complex mechanisms by which the Central Nervous System stores and organises daily interactions, evolved over 4 billion years of evolution, there is no clear or consistent explanation yet; therefore, learning and memory are poorly understood bio-logical processes. The discovery of melanin’s previously unknown intrinsic property of converting light into chemical energy through water dissociation, similar to chlorophyll in plants; opens up a whole new world in terms of how the CNS generates and distributes chemical energy, transporting it through molecular hydrogen provided by the substantia nigra of the mesencephalon and other pigmented structures. Despite decades of study, the mechanisms by which humans modify their actions through learning and memory remain a mystery. However, the unexpected function of first-order melanin molecule bioenergetics, which is very different from chlorophyll and glucose, suggests that studying the fascinating processes involved in learning and memory on multiple levels is essential. The analysis of the generation and distribution of energy neuro-melanin-releasing to the entire brain should be the first step. While glucose is the universal precursor of all organic matter in our bodies, it is incapable of providing the energy required for its own metabolism. In this article, we clarify how hydrogen molecular (H2) -gas-, which results from the dissociation of water by neuro melanin, moves from its source and permeates easily through the different structures of the Central Nervous System, as well as being the smaller atom, does not combine with water, moves from its source and permeates easily through the different structures of the Central Nervous System. following the rules of basic diffusion as they pass through it. Since molecular hydrogen is the primary carrier of energy in nature in the world, once neuro melanin removes it from water, it loses its valuable cargo of energy as well as its remarkable antioxidant capacity to reduce oxygen and shape water.

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Arturo Solis Herrera
Human Photosynthesis® Research Center, Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Ruth I. Solis Arias
Human Photosynthesis® Research Center, Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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