A Critical Appraisal on Soft Brace Treatment in Patients with Scoliosis

Introduction: The SpineCor brand of soft/dynamic braces is now used all over the world. The soft brace is promoted as the first and only “dynamic” brace thanks to a clever marketing strategy. A brief review of the past of dynamic braces and devices currently available has been conducted.

Short Communication: Schanz reported the use of soft braces to treat scoliosis as early as 1904. Various soft and hard braces with soft add-ons are listed as state-of-the-art in his book as state-of-the-art in the nineteenth century. Fischer invented a number of these soft braces.

In contrast to hard braces, the dynamic brace has flaws that have been recorded in the literature; however, the idea of enhancing quality of life when wearing a brace should be explored further. The aim of this analysis is to present recent developments while also highlighting the past of soft braces.

Conclusion: There are a variety of soft braces available today, and soft bracing has a long history (over 120 years). It is deceptive for a company to claim to be the first and only distributor of a soft/dynamic brace.

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Hans-Rudolf Weiss
Schroth Best Practice Academy, Neu-Bamberg, Germany.

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