A Dicey Diagnosis: Pre-auricular Swelling of Tubercular Origin

Pre-auricular sinuses are congenital malformations that form on the anterior margin of the ascending limb of the external ear’s helix. They’re not unusual ear abnormalities, and since they’re usually asymptomatic, they don’t get diagnosed very much. Tuberculosis is a serious infection that affects both children and adults worldwide, causing significant morbidity and mortality.

They’re most common in the extrapulmonary area, where lymphadenitis is the most common symptom. Lymph nodes, mostly cervical, mediastinal, axillary, and inguinal, are often affected. Since there are no constitutional symptoms, extrapulmonary tuberculosis is difficult to diagnose and requires a high level of clinical scepticism. An adult male with an infected pre-auricular sinus and lymphadenitis in the right pre-auricular area presents an unusual case.

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Sphoorthi Basavannaiah
Department of ENT, Subbaiah Institute of Medical Sciences, NH-13, Purle, Holebenavalli Post, Shimoga-577222, Karnataka, India.

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