Brace Treatment can Lead to a Persistent Correction of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Case Report

The main treatment for patients with scoliosis is brace treatment during the growth spurt. Scoliosis is a spine and trunk deformity that occurs in three dimensions. The bracing norm varies from country to country. Patients are unable to rely on a uniform standard of practise among practitioners. According to the evidence in the literature, braces effectively avoid curvature progression and in some cases also boost trunk deformity. However, there are still concerns about long-term stability. The aim of this case report is to demonstrate a case with long-term clinical and radiological improvement after weaning.

Beginning in 2005, a girl with AIS was treated with a Chêneau light brace. She was 11 years old at the time of treatment, with a Tanner stage of 2 and a Cobb angle of 38° for the single thoracic curvature. The brace had to be replaced after two years of therapy. Cobb angle measurement was 19° on the x-ray taken before the new brace was adjusted. Weaning started at the age of 15 because no further growth was planned. At weaning, the Cobb angle was 14°. The patient recently presented at the age of nearly 21 years, five and a half years after weaning from the brace. As compared to the intermediate result obtained in 2007, there was no difference in trunk deformity. The final Cobb angle was 19°, which was half of the initial Cobb angle. The patient is fully functional and pleased with the end result.

Conclusion: Scoliosis bracing can be very effective and is backed up by scientific evidence. Bracing based on cutting-edge research will help with both the angle of curvature and the trunk deformity. In the long run, bracing based on cutting-edge technologies will lead to significant and long-lasting changes in Cobb angle and trunk deformity.

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Hans-Rudolf Weiss
Schroth Best Practice Academy, Neu-Bamberg, Germany.

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