Phase Disposition PWM Based Multi Level Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches

The phase disposition pulse width modulation (PDPWM) based Reduced Switch Reverse Voltage (RSRV) multi level inverter is investigated and analysed in this chapter. This inverter has a smaller number of components than others. The amplitude and frequency modulation index values are examined in relation to improving output power quality using PDPWM. This PDPWM-based 9-level inverter produces a superior harmonic spectrum due to decreased components and an odd-valued frequency modulation index value. All of the lower order harmonics are well within the IEEE-519 standard’s limits. To validate its operation, a simulation model of a PDPWM-based asymmetrical 9-level inverter with a decreased number of components is created, and the results are reported. When used for a larger number of output levels, this inverter requires fewer components.

Author(s) Details

V. Karthikeyan
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, AMET Deemed to be University, Chennai – 603 112, India.

V. Jamuna
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai – 600 100, India.

I. William Christopher
Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering & Technology (LICET), Chennai – 600 034, India.

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