A Review on Impact of Bio-diesel Fuel on Durability of CI Engines

For CI Engines, bio-diesel is a sustainable, renewable, and alternative fuel. The use of bio-diesel causes a number of concerns with the durability of key components in CI engines. It makes a less contribution to global warming than diesel. Injector coking, carbon deposition on pistons, lubricity of engine oil, wear and tear of piston and cylinder walls, and corrosion of engine elements that come into contact with fuel are all factors evaluated in durability studies. Reports on the durability features have been cited in this study, which were published in high-ranking publications with scientific indexes. The influence of bio-diesel on engine durability is examined and analysed using these reports. Biodiesel use causes injector coking, increased carbon deposition on pistons, decreased lubricating oil viscosity and fuel dilution, as well as increased engine wear and corrosion.

Author(s) Details

K. S. Sudeep Kumar
Department of Mechanical Engg., BGSIT, BG Nagar – 571448, Karnataka, India.

C. R. Rajashekhar
Department of Mechanical Engg., MITE Moodabidri – 574225, Karnataka, India.

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