Computing and Applications: The Maximum Flow and Minimum Cost – Maximum Flow Problems

Both the maximum flow and minimum cost-maximum flow challenges are concerned with determining flows between a source and a destination across a network. The term “maximum flow” refers to any problem in which the goal is to transport as many products, objects, or people as possible between two sites via intermediate places. Maximum flow-lowest cost refers to flow problems including both capacities and expenses. Computing enables one to come at a solution to a problem when provided knowledge about a network (network flow diagram, capacities, and expenses). When the solution is ready, it must be tested on a real-world problem. The usage of R (many packages and functions), specially designed Pascal programmes, and Excel SOLVER in the solution of these problems will be discussed. The following problems’ minimum cost-maximum flow solutions will also be discussed: Transportation problem, assignment problem, shortest path problem, caterer problem, maximum flow, minimum cost-maximum flow.

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W. H. Moolman
Department of Mathematical Sciences and Computing, Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha, South Africa.

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