Multi-Step FCM Approach in Exploring the Strategies of Mitigating the Fear of Mathematics among the Engineering Students

The field of education provides a diverse range of chances for students, and it is a powerful tool that determines their fate. Today’s students are tremendously ambitious, and engineering students in particular are driven to succeed in a variety of fields. The development of practical understanding of engineering concepts as well as solid theoretical foundations is critical, but students face numerous obstacles in obtaining a degree due to academic limits, one of which is a dread of the mathematics courses in their programme, which deal with the science of reasoning. logical reasoning and understanding of engineering concepts and occurrences This anxiety dampens interest in the subject, paralyses performance, and reduces affinity for the courses. This emotional component shatters the mathematical learning channel. To refresh the brains of students, a thorough research is required, and this study is one start in that direction. In this research, a multi-step FCM (Fuzzy Cognitive Maps) technique is used to identify measures for reducing fear of mathematics among engineering students from a teaching standpoint. This strategy is more useful because it aids decision-making in a variety of disciplines. The findings will undoubtedly aid educators and academics in devising appropriate techniques for reducing mathematical anxiety in kids and streamlining positive waves to encourage them to participate in good activities.

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Nivetha Martin
Department of Mathematics, Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), Karumathur, Tamil Nadu, India.

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