Theory and Application of Average fs-Aggregate Algorithm

In our daily lives, we frequently encounter situations in which determining the best decision is challenging. Wherever there is complication and uncertainty, such as in economics, social science, medical science, and the environment. In order to solve such situations, traditional mathematical methods are ineffective. To answer this problem, we must first identify the many parameters that are relevant to the problem and then apply them to obtain an accurate solution. As a result, the greatest mathematical instrument for handling such issues utilising various strategies is fuzzy soft set theory. We define fuzzy soft sets in this chapter and use the average fuzzy soft set aggregation approach to tackle decision-making problems. We used a real-life multi-criteria problem to find a suitable city that meets the best conditions given the inputs. We used the average fs-aggregation approach for multi-criteria parameters to arrive at the answer.

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Rajesh Kumar Pal
Department of Mathematics, DAV (PG) College, Dehradun (U.K.), Pin-248001, India.

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