Determination of Sum Squeezing of the Field Amplitude in Frequency Upconversion Process

Under brief contact time, sum squeezing of the field amplitude is investigated in nondegenerate and degenerate frequency upconversion processes. The Heisenberg uncertainty relation is not violated when the quantum fluctuation (amplitude noise or phase noise) in one variable is lowered below the symmetric limit at the expense of increased quantum fluctuation in the conjugate variable. In the nondegenerate frequency upconversion process, sum squeezing can be converted to normal squeezing by using sum-frequency generation.  In the degenerate frequency upconversion process, the amplitude-squared squeezing of the fundamental mode directly transformed into the squeezing of the harmonic. All uncorrelated mode attainable criteria for generating a cumulative squeezing in two modes are explored, as well as their dependence on the squeezing of individual field modes. The squeezed states are discovered to be connected with a substantial number of pump photons. It’s also been proven that higher-order squeezing occurs. (sum squeezing) has a direct relationship with field coupling and interaction time. The findings in this chapter are relevant to recent studies investigating nonlinear optical processes in dielectric media using ultrashort strong laser pulses as exciting radiation, as well as the effects of damping and decoherence, as well as higher-order time factors.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Dilip Kumar Giri,
University Department of Physics, Binod Bihari Mahto Koyalanchal University, Dhanbad, India.

Binod Kumar Choudhary
University Department of Physics, Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag, India.

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