Effective Utilization of Transmission Line Capacity in a Meshed Network with Series Capacitor up to Its Thermal Limit: A Recent Study

Power grid networks are becoming more integrated for the purpose of power transmission in order to minimise the total cost of power generating. Power systems become more complex to operate and less secure when there is insufficient control. The economics of alternating current power transmission have always driven designers to send as much power over a particular transmission line as possible. Many networks have crowded smaller and thermally limited lines, while other higher capacity lines run well below their thermal maximum. When series capacitors are used in higher voltage cables, power can be transferred from overloaded lines, maximising the use of the existing line and supplementing the power system’s performance. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate efficient line network utilisation a threeline meshed power system network with varied thermal line limitations for maximum power flow through the targeted line with series capacitor correction Adding a series capacitor enhances the power flow across the line before it approaches its thermal limit, according to calculations using the PowerWorld computer.

Author (s) Details

M. H. Ananda
School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, REVA University, India.

M. R. Shivakumar
Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

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