Smart Health Counselor for Cardio Vascular Inflammation: A Recent Study

The modern health-care system is built around inventiveness. The main goal is to create a standardised patient inspection system that allows therapeutic services specialists to track patients who are also injured or go about their daily lives. The elderly are increasingly benefiting from this strategy. Heartbeat Monitoring allows you to keep track of your heartbeat. It eliminates the need for additional time rates. We’ve done some electrocardiogram (ECG) estimate and pulse testing before. Our technology is programmed to track a patient’s physiological sequence in order to detect whether he or she is at ease. The patient is conveyed in equipment that includes sensors and phone apps; the sensors will detect the patient’s vital sign and imperative indication. This data will be transmitted to the phone over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. It also delivers an alarm regarding the patient’s vital well-being via an instant message. If a true crisis develops, these data findings can be kept in a database that can be retrieved from a remote place. The majority of the system is made up of sensors, a data acquisition facility, a microcontroller, and programming. The patient’s body temperature, heart rate, muscles, blood glucose level, ECG information, and pulse level are all checked, displayed, and summarised by our framework. This article has the potential to save a patient’s life in an emergency.

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A. Shenbagharaman
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu, India

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