Deliverable-Oriented Work Breakdown Structure: A Software Project Scope Verification Tool

Software project scope verification is an important part of project scope management that must be done correctly to avoid project rework and improve project scope control. A software project scope is defined as the work required to create the required product with all of its necessary functions and features. Furthermore, software scope verification is critical in delivering exactly what the customer requested. as well as minimizing project scope changes A well-defined software scope simplifies the scope verification process and contributes to project success. A deliverable-oriented work breakdown structure (WBS) is frequently used as a road map to a well-defined software scope of work. On that basis, this chapter extends the use of deliverable-oriented WBS to the scope verification process. According to this article, a deliverable-oriented WBS is a method for software scope verification.

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Robert T. Hans
Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa.

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