Gut Microbiota Profile – Autism Spectrum Disorder Relationship: Relative Lower Microbiota Diversity and Imbalance in Probiotics

Because of the existing gut microbiota profile-mental health relationships, probiotic-based diet supplementation is one of the potential treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). To develop personalized probiotic supplements for an autistic adult living in a family with a neurotypical father, mother, and sister, fecal sample analyses were used to profile and compare gut microbiota. The most recent 16S rRNA technology has been used to determine microbial species at the species level (Mymicrozoo analysis, The Netherlands). When compared to his relatives, the autistic adult has less microbiota diversity and an unusually high Streptococci/Lactobacilli abundance ratio.

Author (s) Details

Holy Rabetafika
E-Lab of Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Abreast, Belgium.

Hary Razafindralambo
E-Lab of Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Abreast, Belgium and Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, University of Liege, Belgium.

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